We made these

We bought a superb slab of Big Leaf Maple Burl. We positioned the halves facing inwards and went with translucent smoky blue clouds. We found a buyer the same day.

Here's a custom piece for a client. A one-of-a-kind birthday present. He picked one of our favorite pigments, Dragon's Breath. We waited until the epoxy set up just a bit. Then we set to work making long lines and swirls, inspired by "Dracarys!"

Swirls of blue waves are the perfect backdrop for this stunning Maple Burl. We made this symmetric because the slab grew that way. We cut it down the middle and flipped it over.

This is calm, still, opaque pale blue in a longer board. Maple Burl is always magical. It doesn't have to be opaque. Or blue. But this one is.

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